Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to start a leadership team?

    Besides your desire to create more inclusive opportunities for our youngest students? Just 2 team members: one early childhood representative and one representative for special education!

  • How many people need to be on my team?

    You need at least 2—one in an early childhood education role and the other in a special education role. Beyond that, team size and composition can vary! Check out District Leadership Teams for additional suggestions!

  • Who should I include on my team?

    It’s crucial to have a combination of early childhood folks and special education representatives. Including district-level administrators, having a variety of roles represented, and involving parents and others in the community are also highly suggested. Check out District Leadership Teams for more info!

  • What level of commitment should I expect?

    Once you attend our District Leadership Day, you are a part of our family and growing community of practice. You will need to complete a Self Assessment tool to analyze your district’s strengths and needs related to preschool inclusion and develop a 5-year strategic plan to meet your identified goals. Your team will have tons of time during the event to get started on all of this! Then, within 2 months, you will have an on-site follow-up consultation with our Program Coordinator to provide additional support.

    While this is certainly a commitment, we also believe there is not a "one-size fits all" approach to this work. Our role is to facilitate and support schools as they embark on the journey to increase inclusive opportunities for preschool children. Each district's process (and outcomes) will be different, and that's okay. Our motto is that as long as you are taking a step forward, you are moving in the right direction. 

  • What support is available to teams?

    We offer a tiered technical assistance framework with various options for levels and types of support. Check out Tiered Technical Assistance for more info!

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