District Leadership Teams

We support districts in the development of cross-sector preschool inclusion leadership teams. The purpose of these teams are to analyze the district's current strengths and needs related to preschool inclusion and create a 5-year strategic plan outlining their goals and plans of action.

South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion provides supports to create successful early childhood leadership teams and can guide team members through key initial activities.

When considering team membership, at a bare minimum, it is absolutely necessary to have representatives from both special education and early childhood education. We also believe that it is critical to have the district's Early Childhood Coordinator and Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator involved.

Group size suggestions vary among the literature (capping at anywhere from 8 to 15 members), however the key is to keep membership to a manageable number in order to encourage participation and promote individual accountability. What constitutes "manageable" for your team may be different from another team.

Group make-up will differ. Make sure to represent key groups and stakeholders necessary to meet your team's goals.

The most successful teams typically:

  • Include district-level administrators
  • Are manageable in size
  • Have a variety of roles represented
  • Involve others in the community (outside of school district personnel)

Below is a list of possible team members to consider.


  • General Education Early Childhood representative
  • Special Education representative


  • District Early Childhood Education Coordinator
  • District Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator
  • District Special Education Director
  • Head Start Director
  • Head Start Disabilities Coordinator
  • Community Child Care Director
  • T.A. Specialists
  • Child Find Coordinator
  • Family member/parent
  • Title I Director
  • Principal
  • School Psychologist
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
  • Community Child Care Provider
  • Related Service Providers
  • Others in your community that can help you plan for preschool inclusion

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