District Leadership Day

District Leadership Day is a FREE full-day strategic planning event that supports the development of preschool inclusion leadership teams and the creation of 5-year strategic plans outlining their goals and plans of action related to preschool inclusion.

Through this exclusive opportunity, participants are supported in forming a district-level cross-sector preschool inclusion leadership team and guided through key initial activities. South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion also provides continued support and technical assistance, as needed, after this event to assist all leadership teams!


Participants will be inspired and empowered to: 

  • Develop a strong understanding of what preschool inclusion is and why it matters
  • Establish a district-level cross-sector leadership team
  • Analyze district's strengths and needs related to preschool inclusion
  • Leave with a plan that includes vision and goals!

A Note on Team Composition

In order to be eligible to attend, districts must have AT LEAST 2 PARTICIPANTS sign up as part of their team. One of these individuals must be in an appropriate role to act as representative for early childhood and the other must be in a role to act as a representative for special education. Other than this minimum eligibility requirement, team size and composition may vary.

Please note, however, that the most successful teams typically:
  • Include district-level administrators
  • Are manageable in size
  • Have a variety of roles represented
  • Involve others in the community (outside of school district personnel)
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Participants leave District Leadership Day with:

  • A wealth of knowledge regarding preschool inclusion and effective teaming practices
  • A robust resource & tool kit
  • A detailed plan for your district to make your dreams for preschool inclusion come to reality
  • Opportunities for continued support and technical assistance for your preschool inclusion team

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District Leadership Day 2.0

District Leadership Day 2.0 (DLD 2.0) is a follow-up strategic planning event for all teams who have worked with SCPI. This workshop is conducted annually in the spring to provide an opportunity for veteran and new teams of all stages to come together to receive additional professional development.

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The purpose of this workshop is two-fold: 

  1. To highlight strategies used by select SCPI districts.
  2. To provide more targeted support on teaming practices to assist teams to be more effective in meeting their PATH plan goals

Teams come together to network as a community of practice, share ideas, showcase successes, and receive targeted support to improve their leadership teams’ effectiveness.

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Tiered Technical Assistance

Upon participation in a District Leadership Day workshop, all teams are eligible for technical assistance to meet their particular needs and support the successful implementation of their strategic plan.

This can include:

  • supporting team development and healthy teaming dynamics
  • providing professional development and workshops
  • attending your leadership team meetings
  • helping connect your teams to potential partners
  • providing quality-measurement assistance 

Intensive Support

Targeted Support

Universal Support

Intensive Support

Level 3

Teams must apply and be selected to receive (limited availability).

Provides ongoing, wrap around, intensive support to improve the team's capacity to prioritize and take action on strategic plan goals.

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Targeted Support

Level 2

Teams must apply and be selected to receive (limited availability).

Specialized assistance/Professional Development opportunities provided.

Complete Online Application

Universal Support

Level 1

All teams receive after participation in District Leadership Day.

Onsite follow-up team consultation.

Webinars & virtual meetings.

Invitations to special events.

We provide a variety of professional development opportunities!

  • Early childhood inclusion
  • Team development & healthy team dynamics
  • Community collaboration and partnerships
  • Supporting social and emotional development of young children
  • Modifications & adaptations 

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